Federal Tax Credit-Residential Customers

Qualifying Systems: Geothermal system must meet or exceed Energy Star requirements that are in effect at the time of installation and be installed after January 1, 2009.
Maximum Credit Available: A credit of 30% for qualified expenditures for a system that serves a dwelling located in the United States and used as a residence by the taxpayer. Expenditures include labor costs for onsite preparation, system installation, and piping or wiring to interconnect a system to the home. Consult your tax advisor for the specifics of your tax situation.
Duration: Based on current law, this credit is available until December 31, 2016. If the federal tax credit exceeds tax liability, the excess amount may be carried forward until 2016.
Documentation: No proof of purchase will be required; however, in case of an audit, owners are encouraged to keep a detailed invoice of their purchase on file. The contractor who sold and installed the product should list the purchase as a "Geothermal Heat Pump" on the invoice and that it "Exceeds requirements of Energy Star program currently in effect".

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Federal Tax Credit-Commercial Customers

There is a 10% tax credit, with no maximum available for commercial installations. There are many other incentives in place for commercial installations, depending on location, and type of system. Some are very attractive and greatly reduce the cost of a geothermal heat pump system.

USDA Renewable Energy Grant

The USDA currently provides up to a 25% grant on qualified expenditure for non-residential geothermal systems. Contact us for more information.